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If you're not a Hatter, you're a Hater.
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To celebrate absolutely nothing I will order one random user a pizza this isn’t a joke I will legitimately do this.
You don’t have to be following me but hey that’d be nice.
Likes don’t count.
Ends 7/30

8 days left!

I really like pizza and this is actually a really rad idea

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the hot topic stores open their doors

there upon those floors the kids discover gamzee

his polka dots

his slime

his randomness

the new GIR is upon us

the beginning of the end is here

In the high school halls, you can hear the freshman chanting

"H0nk!!!!….I’m so random!! :0)"





he’s loose

that “oops”

really half the fun of watching the croods is trying to imagine nic cage in the studio recording all of these lines

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waits for you on skype forever like a dumb dog

Eating ice cream while cold as fuck

Someone stole my art and claimed it as their own but I don’t even want to be associated with it anymore so i’m just 


youre gonna look so godamn cool

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Something that really gets to me sometimes is the fact that if I happened to EVER get a comic to be popular or well-known, there are things I’ve drawn in the past that people would pull up simply out of dislike for me.

It’s happened already, people have tried humiliating me and shaming me for requests I’ve filled or commissions, or artwork I’ve drawn before simply because they don’t enjoy me or something of that nature. Like…why are you even doing that…do you really have nothing better to do than try to humiliate a girl trying to move on with her life online? Christ. And I’m not even popular.