Cartoons and drawings.

And now bed. Some were requests!

I think those are all of the requests I’m doing tonight, sorry guys! Thanks to all of the peeps who sent me messages, though!!

thedorkreturns reblogged your post I’m intoxicated, willing to take some … and added:

If you would be so kind to please draw a picture of sadie in a shirt/sweatshirt that says “beach city babe” (Lars gives it to her for her birthday )


niiikooooo: Pearl intently staring at a jar of jelly beans trying to guess how many are in there

kyuucumber: Mayyyybe Lars trying to cheer up an upset Sadie with some oyster crackers? I don't know-- only if you feel like it!!

How is he gonna handle this one.

todothedog: Can you draw Steven and Sadie sitting at the donut shop with Steven asking Sadie why she never dresses up like a beach babe


garnetguardian replied to your post: I’m intoxicated, willing to take some …

Amethyst wearing a gigantic Christmas wreath like a unsuccessful hat.)

lilmizzspooky: Uhh... Larsadie cuddling (More specifically, Sadie laying on Lars' lap while he's playing video games, kinda think this is partially what went down that night "Player 2" started)

theforgott3nartist: Well since you're intoxicated. How about you draw a drunk Lars pouring his feelings out to Sadie?

I’m intoxicated, willing to take some SU requests! 

(No OCs, sorry! I’m drawing within my comfort zone.)