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sob i keep having to edit it

I’ll reblog again later…

More boards from yours truly! This is only part one, part two will be here in time!

my friend Kayla is coming over to watch Steven Universe marathon with me all night and surprised me by bringing mcdonalds

this my friends is what friendship is about sob

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dorilucy1: omg. omg. now i wanna do a larsadie storyboard omg urs is so!!! cute!!!!

<3 thank you!

seeing someone with ur nickname 

man my boards are sometimes getting tags like “I thought it was canon” and “wait is this real” and honestly

honestly even if you guys are JOKING or something that is absolutely the kindest compliment I can get on those

like I could legit cry man

all I want to be is a storyboard artist, the passion is REAL

I was gonna do a few more pages, but I think this is fine! Some boarding practice of PetalPanic’s suggestion!! Thanks to all who attended the stream!

SB template belongs to CartoonHangover, as you can see! [I left the logo so they would get the credit]


lol please stop reducing trans people to their genitals like if the furthest your trans activism goes is “there are boys with vaginas/girls with penises” youre doing it wrong bc theres so much more than that please stop focusing on hgenitals so much


don’t fucking tell me that my talent is a “blessing” or a “gift.”  it wasn’t given to me at all.  i got to where i am today because i picked up a crayon in kindergarten and i haven’t put it down for 20 fucking years, not because some supernatural entity decided to sprinkle a little magic talent dust into my dna

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